Nashville Wedding Photographer

I believe in your wedding story.

Your laughter and tears, your carefully planned details, your family and friends....all of these little moments come together to create your story. It’s my job to tell that story, showing the beginning, middle, and end to one of the most important days in your life.

My style is timeless yet fresh, classic yet whimsical. I am most inspired by movement, laughter, and love. My goal is to photograph just the right combination of photojournalism and posed portraits, so that in the end, you have an exquisite collection of iconic images that will help you relive your story for years to come.

Fine Art Heirlooms - Timeless Nashville Wedding Photographer

real photographs become heirlooms.

Years from now, the time will come when you begin to reminisce about your wedding day. You’ll go to that certain shelf in your home, pull down your wedding album, and gently turn the pages to be immediately taken back to the day your marriage began. How sad would it be if there were no such album to grab or no legacy to see, because you only had digital copies, and that computer had long since crashed?

That’s why I’m passionate about real, tangible photos. I believe that every single client should walk away with beautiful, timeless prints to hold in their hands and hang on their walls. It’s a digital world, but technology is ever changing, and I refuse to let the fleeting world of tech upgrades come between us and our heritage. A print is forever.


Nashville Film Wedding Photographer

film + digital fine art photography

When telling your story, I photograph with both film and digital mediums, utilizing each for its own unique strengths. Film is soft yet dynamic, and true and sincere. The timeless feel of black and white film adds a perfectly imperfect touch of artistry to an image. Digital comes into play indoors and after dark, when it gives me the freedom to shoot in low light receptions late into the evening. No matter the moment or situation, I will seamlessly integrate it all in order to create the most exquisite imagery of your wedding day

Nashville Wedding Photographer Pricing

wedding photography investment

Photography is an emotional investment. The older an image is, the more valuable and precious it becomes. With that mindset guiding me, I have created the Signature Collection which includes a fine art album plus a selection of 5x7 fine art prints, so you have a tangible heirlooms to be cherished throughout your lifetime. Pricing ranges from $4200-$6500+.

If you need help figuring out exactly what your collection should include, I’m always happy to schedule a free consultation so we can walk through your options together.


Introducing Photo + Video Packages

For truly full service wedding day coverage, why not add video? In order to make your wedding day as smooth and seamless as possible, I've partnered with Kalimana Film Stories to offer flat rate videography packages as an optional add-on to any wedding photography collection. Book a video package and receive bonus credit to use towards your photography collection.