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After all the time and effort you pour into your wedding, you deserve to have an exquisite collection of beautiful images through which you relive your story for years to come. I understand your need for just the right combo of candid, natural moments full of movement and laughter mixed with simple yet loving posed portraits with your family and friends. Telling your story is my calling in life, so you can rest easy knowing you and your photos will be given the royal treatment. 

Fine Art Heirlooms - Timeless Nashville Wedding Photographer

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Years from now, the time will come when you begin to reminisce about your wedding. You'll go to that certain shelf in your home, pull down your wedding album, and gently turn the pages to be immediately taken back to the day your marriage began.

That's why I'm passionate about real, tangible photographs. I believe every client should have beautiful, timeless prints to hold in their hands and hang on their walls. I make the process for getting that album on your shelf simple, so you can spend more time enjoying your photos, and less time worrying about how to preserve your memories. 

Nashville Wedding Photographer Pricing

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After 10+ years of experience creating the perfect package for over 200 couples, I've designed my Signature Collection, to include exactly what you need and simplify the booking process for you. And if my Signature Collection isn't exactly right for you, we can start with my base price and craft a custom package together.

Pricing ranges from $4500-$6500+. Enter your email address below to get immediate access my full pricing page.

Nashville Film Wedding Photographer

Working with Jenna

Most of my clients (even the guys) say their favorite thing about working with me is just how easy it all is. I know you're busy, which is why I make the process from getting your date booked to delivering your heirloom album as simple as possible.

And when it's actually time for you to get in front of the camera, I'm really great at giving direction, so the whole process is super fun and laid back, letting you focus on what's most important: celebrating your beautiful weddings with your closest family and friends.

Jenna continually strived to keep us on schedule the day of the wedding all the while ensuring that our day was everything we dreamed it could be.
— Angela

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If you're interested in hearing more, let's plan a time to chat, either over the phone or with a glass of champagne at my studio.