Three ways to tell if your wedding photographer is a true professional

Over the years, the word “photographer” has become a loose term. It could refer to a legal, working professional who makes their living by making photographs, but it could also refer to the teenager taking photos for the yearbook with his iPhone, or really anyone who has a nice camera and takes photos often. But when it comes to your wedding photography, you need some clarification. You need more than just a photographer, you need a legal, legitimate professional wedding photographer.

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Why? Because your wedding images are important! And hiring anything less than the very best out there leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of mishap, including the worst case scenario- no wedding photos at all because your photographer was only an amateur and couldn’t handle the pressures of professional wedding photography. Here are my top three tips for making sure your wedding photographer is a true professional.

First things first, make sure you have a wedding photography contract! This simple agreement on paper will protect both you and your photographer, making sure all expectations and requirements for both parties are in writing and officially agreed upon. Not sure what your agreement should say? Check out my tips on what should be in a wedding photography contract here.

A good sign that your photographer is not just a hobbyist is if they require sales tax. Yes, it’s a little extra money out of your pocket, but it just means your photographer is taking steps to make sure they’re running a legal business.

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And speaking of running a legal business, it’s important your photographer has a business liscence. After all, if they can’t take the steps to file this simple paperwork, how can they be trusted to properly handle your wedding photography? On top of that, liability insurance is often required by venues for a vendor to work on the property, so before you book with anyone, this is something you should check, to make sure you’re covered.

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