Gorgeous Bridal Suite in Nashville

When I tell the story of a wedding day, I’m looking to show a beginning, middle, and end … just like you would expect in any story. The beginning of a wedding day usually starts when the bride is getting ready! This is a great opportunity for a bride to take a moment and allow herself to be pampered before the craziness of the wedding begins.

One of the best ways to feel pampered is to be in a beautiful space! The bridal suite at Mint Springs farm is one of the largest and most beautiful getting ready spaces in all of Nashville. With huge windows showing off the gorgeous views and feminine touches throughout the room, it’s no wonder brides love to dress in this space.

Having a large, gorgeous bridal space naturally means the photos taken while you’re getting ready will be able to be just as pretty. Of course, not every venue has a huge bridal suite like Mint Springs, and that’s totally ok! Getting ready photos can be gorgeous in any space if you plan ahead.

No matter how big or small your space is while primping on the day of your wedding, the very best thing you can do to have great getting ready photos is to keep the space clean! It’s so easy to have bags and food and all kinds of things everywhere, but if the room is kept tidy, the photos will have a clean look to them as well. Even if you can’t clear out the whole room, find a nice corner or area (preferably near a beautiful window or large mirror) and make sure the immediate area surrounding that space has been cleared up before you start to put on your dress.

You would be amazed how a little tidying up can make such a difference in getting ready photos! Here are a few examples of Summer putting on her dress in my favorite light-filled corner of this room.