Bridesmaids in Matching Robes While Getting Ready for a Wedding

When I got married over a decade ago, we weren't quite as well coordinated as today's bride tribe usually is! I remember scrounging around in my closet to find a shirt that buttoned up so my hair wouldn't get messy when changing. Needless to say, I totally love the trend of bridesmaids in matching robes!

First of all, it's the perfect way for a bride to spoil all her favorite lady friends with a thoughtful and useful (and not to mention super cute) gift. Who doesn't love sitting in a super cute robe while being pampered with hair and makeup? Throw in a glass of champagne or mimosas, and you’ve got your own spa day!

Second, when all the bridesmaids are wearing coordinating robes, it makes everything look totally cute and cohesive in photos. Getting ready for your wedding is a big part of the day; after all, every bride wants to look her best and feel like a pampered superstar. And it’s only natural that you would want to have gorgeous photos telling the story of this special part of your wedding day. But, with so many other details to focus on, the visuals of the bride and bridesmaid prep might get over looked, but it’s just as important!

So, when you’re in the process of booking your hair and makeup professionals, and you’re making plans for your wedding day prep, consider grabbing a few coordinating robes for your gal pals. You’ll not only have the perfect bridesmaid gift ever, especially if you’re like me and put a monogram on everything, but you’ll also enhance your getting ready photos with all your gals looking super adorable.

Here are a few photos from a wedding at Mint Springs Farm where Alexa gave all her bridesmaids these precious floral robes. Don’t you just love them?