Window Light for Beautiful Getting Ready Photos at your Wedding - CJ's Off the Square - Franklin, TN

There is so much to consider when planning a wedding! What’s great is, with all these options, weddings can be fully customized to suit the style of every couple. From colors and style to meal options and cake flavors, each detail is such a reflection of a couple’s style, and all of it comes together to tell the story of the day.

The beginning of that wedding day story starts with getting ready! Bridal preparations are a huge part of any wedding day. It’s important to remember this part of the wedding day process when making plans, especially if those plans include photos during this prep time.

In order to have the best photos possible while you and your bride tribe are getting your hair and makeup done, be sure you select a bridal suite that has some amazing light! Indoor bridal suite locations can easily be very dark and therefore difficult to photograph in. However, if you have a choice, find somewhere that has large windows that let in plenty of natural light. This will allow your wedding photographer to photograph you putting your dress on with your bridesmaids more easily.

Large windows while dressing for the day, whether it be at a hotel or your venue’s bridal suite, help bring in tons of beautiful, natural light. Whenever I encounter this kind of window light, I like to photograph the bride putting on her dress while standing right by the window. This allows me to take as much advantage as possible of the natural light, which can result in classic, timeless images.

Here are a few of my favorite images of Genna getting ready in the stunning bridal suite at CJ’s Off the Square. They have a whole wall of windows and have brought in the perfect touches, like that mirror and vanity, which results in gorgeous getting ready photos.